Re: [guadec-list] Consider to Organize GUADEC 2012

Hi GUADEC Planning Committee,

i would like to communicate that GPUL[1] , Users and Developers Linux
Group from Coruña, with the support of other organizations is currently
evaluating to create a proposal for next year GUADEC Organization in
A Coruña, Spain

We have already sent a bid in order to organize 2009 Desktop Summit [2]
but our proposal wasn't finally selected, so i would expect you will
have news from our side next Monday. Our decision is pending on having
an enough group of people committed to help in the organization of the
event (around 15-20 local team), if we reach that numbers we could step

We have a some experience organizing events in the Faculty of Computer
Science, including 2 GUADEC-ES and a aKademy-ES and three editions of
DudesConf (Debconf in Spain). Here is some info of the events we

So any suggestion from regarding our previous bid will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Chema Casanova


El mar, 14-06-2011 a las 17:30 +0800, Emily Chen escribió:
> Hello GNOME leaders, 
> Have you ever thought about organizing a GUADEC event where you live?
> You are receiving this email because we think you could help. The
> GNOME Community works with the help of volunteers like those people
> who organized the recent GNOME 3 Launch Parties [1] around the world. 
> The GNOME Foundation recently sent out a "Call for Bids" for hosting
> GUADEC 2012 and we are looking for strong organizers and a community
> to host this major GNOME event. We think your city would be a
> wonderful place for GUADEC because it meets good criteria for a large
> GNOME event like GUADEC: 
>       * At or near a major airline hub, so attendees can easily travel
>         to the location. 
>       * Has a GNOME community with strong leadership 
> The GUADEC Planning Committee is happy to help you understand how to
> put together a good bid. If you have any questions about hosting the
> GUADEC or about how to write a good bid, then feel free to contact the
> GUADEC Planning committee: 
>       * IRC: #guadec 
>       * Mail list: guadec-list [at] gnome dot org 
>       * You can also talk to GUADEC committee members [2] 
> The below documents should be helpful, and we strongly encourage you
> to read them: 
>       * GUADEC Check List [3] 
>       * GUADEC Planning HowTo[4] 
>       * The GUADEC main Wiki page [5] 
> Furthermore, we would like you to consider joining the GUADEC Planning
> Committee. Leaders like you with rich experience will bring lots of
> value to the GUADEC committee. You can help us review bids received,
> help build the GUADEC website, and work with GUADEC sponsors. 
> We also would like to encourage you to attend GUADEC at the Desktop
> Summit [6] in August, 2011. This will be a great opportunity for
> people to network with GNOME community leaders, and you can be the
> first to meet the new GNOME Foundation Executive Director. We will
> have a GUADEC Planning Committee meeting during the Desktop Summit,
> and GUADEC committee members will meet face to face, plan and hack
> together. Please join us, it will be exciting! 
> Finally, GUADEC is the GNOME European event, but is also the most
> international GNOME event. It has been held in far flung corners of
> Europe such as the Gran Canaria islands, Norway, and Istanbul. We
> encourage you to submit a bid even if it stretches our imagination of
> what GNOME and Europe might include. 
> We are looking forward to your bids! 
> Sincerely, GUADEC committee 
>       * [1]. 
>       * [2]. 
>       * [3]. 
>       * [4]. 
>       * [5]. 
>       * [6].
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