Re: [guadec-list] Documentation Room at GUADEC

On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 11:02:58AM +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> And, similar to Shaun's concern: we're now into pre-conference crunch
> time, with people booking accommodation and travel, and there is still
> no way to register for the conference or training. Is there an ETA for
> the registration page?

No. I am waiting for the gnome sysadmin team to move their fucking ass (pardon
my french but i'm a bit fed up with this crap). I need an ssl cert for
the registration site. A mail asking for confirmation has been sent to
webmaster guadec org, and despite various requests no-one could be arsed
to handle this. I've been waiting for weeks now, and nothing happens.

Without SSL i can't accept payments, requirement from the payment service
provider (and a sensible one).

Same with the request for a webmasters mailing list. Which has been requested
2 months ago.

No action what so ever.

I'm quite furious that no action is being taken on these matters. Despite
German's involvement, there is 0.0 movement or even a suggestion of someone
intending to take action on it.

> We also need to be careful about the training - the procedure if someone
> wants to register for training is to have the GNOME Foundation issue an
> invoice for it - we can take the registration online and get the
> invoices issued afterwards. It's important that it is the foundation
> doing the billing because of VAT concerns. Stormy, do you need any help
> getting an invoice & terms & conditions template you can use & email?

In that case i will take registration for training completely out of the
registration site and let you handle it the way you want it. That's what i 
sense you're aiming at with the above paragraph, correct?



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