[guadec-list] GUADEC website needs some love

Hi all,

Koen and Sanne, the people leading GUADEC organisation this year, are
having a lot of trouble finding people who are motivated and available
to ensure that the GUADEC website is up to scratch, looking pretty and
appetising, and with relevant content easy to find.

First, have a look at http://www.guadec.org to see what the state of
play is - it's a standard OpenConferenceWare set-up, from what I can
tell, with very little styling or graphical content.

Some suggested improvements which could get done quickly would be to
start announcing keynotes for this year, or advertising past speakers &
keynotes (photos and content), creating a GUADEC logo for this year's
conference (or at the very least, revisiting the old one which has been
in use since 2006), and proposing an alternative layout & styling which
better matches GNOME's visual identity.

Are there people here who have some time over the next couple of weeks
to help them? I'm not sure where the CMS is installed, or what would be
involved in getting changes made to it, but let's do what we can to
improve the site and allow the GUADEC organisers to concentrate on the
business of making the conference great.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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