Re: [guadec-list] Travel question


On 7 Jul 2007, at 21:37, gil forcada wrote:

GUADEC is approaching and we (Silvia and me) have bought the flights and
booked the room (at Etap, see you there!) but we are missing the
connection between them

we will arrive and departure at/from Stansted, we have asked at the Etap
mail how to come from the airport to Birmingham and they replied that
the best way is to pick a bus (rather expensive , 69 pounds for 2 people roundtrip), but I think that it have to be something
a little cheap

anyone have a clue about it?

Not quite as fast or nice as taking the train, but megabus shows bus journeys between London and Birmingham around GUADEC time for £5 each way.

Although the problem in that case is that you have to get from Stansted to central London, which on the Stansted Express train is about £23 each. I'm not sure how much buses from Stansted to the city centre cost, but the airport website should give you some information at least.


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