[guadec-list] Live streaming

Hi all,

There have been a few questions about live streaming, and the lack of
mentions on guadec.org. Well I added a page and some links, such that it
should be possible for the visitor to guadec.org to find what they

So can interested people go to guadec.org and (1) see if they can find
the info on how to watch the talks over the internet, and (2) tell me if
there is any information that's missing? The actual streams aren't live
yet of course, as I'm only picking up the computers and cameras from the
shops this afternoon.

We will be streaming the Core days and After-hours workshops, from
Monday to Friday. If any of the warm-up weekend gets recorded or
streamed it will be by happy coincidence :) So speakers and hackfest
participants, now is the time to start publicizing where interested
parties can join in on the GUADEC experience by blogging the stream

Volunteers in charge of the various rooms should be aware that I will be
requesting your assistance in some things. We will talk in Vilanova :)

Andy Wingo

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