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--- Quim Gil <qgil desdeamericaconamor org> a écrit :

> When defining GUADEC it would be good to have some
> clear keywords i.e.
> usability, accessibility, open formats, etc. To get
> the list of keywords
> that define GUADEC is a good exercise.

Yes, basically took what was available on older guadec

> I think we don't need so many pages for the
> sponsorship levels. I
> suggest to have only 1-2 pages showing an
> incremental collection of
> "powers" you get by increasing your sponsorship,
> when applicable.

Actually, page number are irrelevant. They are there
I first thought of one per page but that's stupid as
we can easily
put three or four by page. Going to quit page number
they misleading.

> i.e.
> BRONZE: benefits A, B and C
> SILVER: bronze + D and E
> GOLD: silver + F and G
> This way we avoid noise, and by starting from the
> simplest we don't
> scare/ashame possible small sponsors.

That's what I was going to do today to shrink it a
bit. That some
input/idea of what could be A, B, C ... would be more
than welcome.
Anyone any idea ? :)

> With pictures all this will look much better.

Of course ! That's just a first draft content.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ludovic Danigo


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