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--- Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> a écrit :
> > 
> > The problem here is that Scribus doesn't support
> > bullet list. I used an hack that's acceptable for
> one
> > liner but absolutly ugly when using larger
> setences.
> Could we perhaps apply another hack using some
> spacing? At the moment
> this just looks messy compared to the neatness of
> the other lists.

Yeah :-(
But that's the only way I found on the scribus wiki.

> This one is important and missing throughout, on the
> lists of items, eg
> "The primary goals of GUADAC are" and "... three
> tracks will be
> presented:" the second last item in the list should
> have an "and" after
> the ";". The whole thing should read like one
> sentence. I mentioned
> these in my list yesterday. For example:
> "The primary goals of GUADEC are:
>  - to set the direction of the project in the coming
> year;
>     ...
>     ...
>  - to help corporate partners be involved in the
> project; and <---- HERE
>  - to showcase our latest technologies.
> This should appear on every single one of these
> lists (there are 6 in
> the total in the document).

The problem is or we put ; + "ands" everywhere or we
don't follow the correct rule and don't do punctuation
at all on list.
Given the hackish bullet list support I opted for the
second one to not make thing uglier than they are.

Ludovic Danigo


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