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On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 23:53 +0100, Ludovic Danigo wrote:

> On past davyd comments :
> > "Left side bar - consider using a justified
> alignment"
> This not really possible, It's ugly when you try to
> justify Thre word on a line. So for "beauty" sake I
> would rather consistently just make a little exception
> here. 
> Maybe punstuation could be dropped here ?


Here are some more changes for this document based off the latest PDF I
got from the wiki:

> > "The 7th Edition" <- this is a title, it should be
> in title > case

Change "The 7th edition" -> "The 7th Edition"

I noticed that I accidently lost the Spanish accents on words when I was
typing. If possible, you may want to put these in. This happens on pages
2 and 4.

> >"These streams wil in turn be aimed at three
> different
> > groups of people:" No blank like after this
> sentence, the
> > next three points should have bullet points and
> there
> > should be an "and" after the ; in "The Client:
> including
> > sessions on big ... ... corporate requirements and
> public 
> > administration;"
> The problem here is that Scribus doesn't support
> bullet list. I used an hack that's acceptable for one
> liner but absolutly ugly when using larger setences.

Could we perhaps apply another hack using some spacing? At the moment
this just looks messy compared to the neatness of the other lists.

This one is important and missing throughout, on the lists of items, eg
"The primary goals of GUADAC are" and "... three tracks will be
presented:" the second last item in the list should have an "and" after
the ";". The whole thing should read like one sentence. I mentioned
these in my list yesterday. For example:

"The primary goals of GUADEC are:
 - to set the direction of the project in the coming year;
 - to help corporate partners be involved in the project; and <---- HERE
 - to showcase our latest technologies.

This should appear on every single one of these lists (there are 6 in
the total in the document).

On Page 5:

"Being a conerstone" -> "Being a cornerstone"

"Opportunity to" -> "the opportunity to"

I recommend this for Gold Sponsor:
"A gold sponsor receives billing on the GUADEC sponsor's list, plus
  advertising and exhibition space at the event. As a gold sponsor,
  you will be well recognised as a supporter of GNOME and its community.

Don't forget the 3 "ands" on this page.

On page 6, you need to update the names of the sponsorship types on the
form to Gold and Silver. Some more left padding, like in the Sponsor
Information box would also help it look good. The box currently occupied
by Diamond sponsor has no right-hand border.

It's starting to look pretty good now.

Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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