Re: [guadec-list] About GUADEC Schedule(proposal)

Summer solstice has been celebrated in this region with big fires since
pre-Christian times. The Church tried to stop them, the dictatures tried
to stop them, the current successes won't stop them. There is no reason
to sop them either, since there is no relation between riots with fire
and parties with fire.

GUADEC won't be able to stop the San Joan parties with fire anyway. It
would be like us stopping people celebrating Christmas with trees
because of the global deforestation. Or the Boston Summit trying to
convince Americans not to waste pumpkins in Halloween because there are
millions of people starving. Seriously.

Said that, I didn't want to suggest to set our own GUADEC "foguera" (big
fire) but joining any of the local ones that for sure will be set with
parties around - i.e. in the beach. To set your own foguera takes a lot
of work, it's like a release but with 3D heavy objects you need to
colect from the neigbourhood. It's one of the first big projects
children face by themselves in Catalonia. Because the "fogueras" are
mainly set by the children, so innocent they are.

It's a very nice tradition. If people that use fire in riots, warand
violent activities in general would use fire in dancing parties instead,
this world would be a more pleasant place to live.

If that sentence in the website looks like an offense now we can take it
out. But to me this would be a sign of really really dark times...

En/na Anne Østergaard ha escrit:
> Hi 
> In these turbulent times I would strongly advise that we do not burn
> anything not even under a GNOME party

Quim Gil -

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