[guadec-list] Re: Vote at the GUADEC logo contest

Hi Stefan,

I sent a CORRECTION email after that mistake was detected. You should
have it in your mailbox.

However, here goes again:


We sent by mistake a wrong URL to vote. The correct one is:

Thumbnails of the nominated logos are available at
http://beta.guadec.org/node/121#comment-26 to help you choosing your
preferred ones.

Sorry for any inconvenience....

En/na Stefan Kost ha escrit:
> Hi,
> Guadec Beta Site wrote:
>>          Vote at the GUADEC logo contest
>>             Time to vote the best GUADEC logo(s)!
>> The nominees:
>> http://beta.guadec.org/node/121
>> The voting system:
>> http://www.demochoice.org/dcedit.php?poll=guadeclogo
>> You need to rank the candidates you support. You can vote just one
>> logo, but we encourage you to add those that you think that qualify to
>> win, sorting them in order of preference. This way we might get a
>> better consensus between different tastes.
>> The voting period closes on Monday night. Only current registered
>> users can vote. To proof your identity you need to provide the same
>> email address of your account.
> This still isn't the site to vote. Can you please post the correct link
> Stefan

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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