Re: [guadec-list] Drupal test

I'm glad you got already results!

> * Create a template for registration process, Making it easier than last
> year to create an account and registrate for the conference

What do you mean by 'create a template'? You can use the Drupal
registration editing the fields to be filled in the Profile module (part
of the core Drupal).

> * Import last GUADEC data to drupal, accounts are very important, so lot
> of users can use they old accounts.

Great. Fabulous.

> * Setup the store with test products, my main concern here is to avoid
> the shopping cart, wich was very confusing for some.

Drupal's shopping cart is very standard: select items, check out, pay.

> * Test paypal and other methods for payment.

I'm going to open a thread asking formethods of payment people would
like to see.

I'm also going to ask the webhackers how can we copy the Drupal you have
already got to a GNOME server. What you will need to do is just
mysqldump the daabase and tar.gz the directory.

Quim Gil -

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