Re: More advanced tutorials?

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 14:55, Peter Korn wrote:
> Greetings,
> There are three tutorials listed so far for GU4DEC, and only one of them
> focuses on programming (advertising itself as a beginning course).  Has
> anyone given any thought to more advanced tutorials, or do we expect those
> to be covered in the conference sessions themselves?
> I'm thinking particularly of the following topics, which are important to a
> number of the programmers I'm working with on a number of GNOME projects:
>  1. GObject in depth - making your own object system on top of GObject
>  2. Bonobo and ORBit2 internals (and how to debug problems)
>  3. Debugging the GNOME stack - tips, tools, and techniques

The tutorials we have now aren't really aimed at people hacking
on GNOME itself; it's not clear to me that the the overlap
between people hacking on GNOME itself and people willing to pay
a moderately hefty tutorial fee is large.

I believe the idea for this time was to start with a small number
of tutorials with a wide potential interest and see how that 

If there is demand for more advanced "tutorial" information,
it's probably better to do it as talks on the main track so that
the general crowd of GNOME hackers can benefit.

(I think at least some of the main track talks will be tutorial
in nature.)


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