Limited vacancy in the GUADEC³ house.

This message will be very short and concise for a change:

Nine people of us booked a house in Seville but not everyone is staying
for the complete time of booking.
This is why we have the following vacancies:

1) Three beds from April 1st to April 2nd. These would be later the
places for Telsa Gwynne [telsa], Daniel Veillard [DV] and Murray
Cummings [murrayc].
2) One bed from April 2nd to April 3rd. This would be the place for
Murray Cummings [murrayc].
3) One bed from April 7th to April 8th. This would be again murrayc's

This is all there is.

The previously available places of telsa and DV for April 7th to April
8th have been promised to Simon Budig [nomis] and Liam Quin [Ankh]
already and are therefore to be considered taken.

Should you want to use tha vacancy, please _do not write me e-mails_
since I will be offline until March 30th, late afternoon CET!

Please write directly:
telsa's e-mail address is: hobbit aloss ukuu org uk
Daniel Veillard can be reached at: veillard redhat com
murrayc responds at: murrayc usa net

In case of emergencies, write me a short message to my GSM phone:
Also, you can try without warranty to write me to docpi eplus-online de

Are we getting excited yet?
Daniel Pisano [docpi]

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