Sevilla map..


I found a better map from the Spanish tourist promotion site, which is PDF and thus scaleable to any size.

I made a nice bitmap for myself,since the current JPEG map on the site is a bit too unclear and badly compressed, so the text is unreadable.

I saved a version I did for myself into
though it is just a part of the city, I dont know how many of the places fit in it really.

I did another map of the larger area too,

Maybe you could mark the conference locations and other places on that one? I know it is large in size, but a map which is not readable is not much better :-)

If you choose to use those maps, please put them on instead of linking from the above urls, since that is a "scratch" directory of mine and it is going to be erased at some point sooner or later.

Best wishes,

Tuomas Kuosmanen > Art Director > Ximian, Inc.
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