Re: Accomodation

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 11:54, Craveiro, Marco wrote:
> 2) does anyone need a person to share a room for the 4th and 5th? I just
> want a place to crash nothing fancy :-))
I reserved 3 Double-Apartments in outskirt of Sevilla (Bellavista).
Arrival 3.4. 
Departure 9.4.
52,- Euro +7% IVA per night per apartment

I will use one apartment from 3.4. to 9.4 and (if possible) would like
to share apartment with somebody having same arrival and departure as I

The two other apartments are free and reservation can be changed to
shorter period (dont know minimal period for apartments). It would be
perfectly if you would share one apartment with somebody staying 2 or 3
nights, as you do. Otherwise we need someone living in apartment after
you have left Sevilla.

If the price is fine to you, we can try to find the second person for
your apartment. 

Regards, Frank

 Frank.Rehberger at
 The Twelve Networking Truths

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