Re: Guadec accommodation 3.4-9.4.

<quote who="Ville P?tsi">

> I'm looking also for accommodation. I'm staying from the 3rd to the 9th of
> April. I wouldn't mind bringing my sleeping bag and using the floor.  Also
> how long does it take to travel by train from Sevilla to Madrid? My flight
> leaves at 10:00 on the morning of 9th. So should I go to Madrid already on
> the 8th, and and spend the night there?

Hey, I'm doing the same thing, but my flight leaves at 8:30am on the 9th
(yeek!). Wanna share a room in Madrid?

- Jeff

   "You know, the crunchy, folk-singer part of me wants to believe that a   
     performance is a dialogue, but I can't hear a fucking thing you're     
                          saying." - Ani DiFranco                           

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