Re: Sevilla local transport information request

I forward your questions to the local people in Sevilla, who'll answer
everything for you.


On Sat, 2002-03-02 at 20:18, Daniel Pisano wrote:
> Well, what do I see, what do I see when looking at this picture?
> This map is taken from the website for Apartamentos Bib Rambla, who
> happen to offer lodging almost in the same street as the conference
> center if I got that right.
> The following points occur to me:
> - The airport is in vicinity of the quarter. It appears to be even
> walking distance, or is it?
> - There is a McDonald's smack dab in front of the conference center.
> We're all such lucky bastards. (And I wanted to sample all the culinary
> specialties that the Seville region has to offer and that were developed
> over thousands of years of cooking tradition. What was I thinking?)
> - There is also a hypermarket a little further down at the south end of
> the quarter. Good to know.
> However, what I do not know, is the following:
> - How do I get from the airport to both the conference center and
> downtown with public transportation?
> What do I need to know and ask for if I wanted to get a week pass or
> similar for public transportation around Seville? What are the fares?
> - How do I get from downtown _to_ the conference center on the days of
> the conference?
> - Where the [expletive] is this conference center? Am I making the
> correct assumptions at all? Do I really have to make all these
> assumptions and guess from a poorly-compressed illustrative map from an
> apartment website?
> Helloooo? I am wading in guesswork here.
> sighing,
> Daniel
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