Sevilla local transport information request

Well, what do I see, what do I see when looking at this picture?

This map is taken from the website for Apartamentos Bib Rambla, who
happen to offer lodging almost in the same street as the conference
center if I got that right.

The following points occur to me:

- The airport is in vicinity of the quarter. It appears to be even
walking distance, or is it?

- There is a McDonald's smack dab in front of the conference center.
We're all such lucky bastards. (And I wanted to sample all the culinary
specialties that the Seville region has to offer and that were developed
over thousands of years of cooking tradition. What was I thinking?)

- There is also a hypermarket a little further down at the south end of
the quarter. Good to know.

However, what I do not know, is the following:

- How do I get from the airport to both the conference center and
downtown with public transportation?
What do I need to know and ask for if I wanted to get a week pass or
similar for public transportation around Seville? What are the fares?

- How do I get from downtown _to_ the conference center on the days of
the conference?

- Where the [expletive] is this conference center? Am I making the
correct assumptions at all? Do I really have to make all these
assumptions and guess from a poorly-compressed illustrative map from an
apartment website?

Helloooo? I am wading in guesswork here.

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