Re: Where to hold it? (was: Re: GU4DEC - Let's start the discussionnow.)

On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 16:36, Philip James Downer wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 11:12, hobbit aloss ukuu org uk wrote:
> > Only way you'd get accomodation cheaply in Britain is to do what the 
> > UKUUG (UK Unix Users' Group) do, or have done: at least once they've 
> > had conferences in university holidays and hired out student 
> > accomodation. 
> > The rest of Britain is substantially cheaper than London and the 
> > south-east, but you run into "getting there" problems. I suppose
> > Birmingham or Manchester might have direct flights. 
> Manchester is a very good place for a conference, the UKUUG one last
> year was quite cheap, 25ukp per night IIRC for university acommadation
> that had Ethernet access. Free breakfast and cheap beer was also a bonus
> I don't know what the airport in Manchester is like but you can probably
> get direct flights from most places.
AFAIK, there are flights from most of Europe, so I suppose there are
also flights from all over the world, at least in the important cities.

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