GUADEC meeting minutes for 1-26-01

             Minutes for the GUADEC Meeting For Jan 26, 2001

  Claus Sorensen
  Martin Wahlén
  Bart Decrem
  Dan Mueth
  Mathieu Lacage

  Kenneth Christiansen
  Havoc Pennington

  * Will meet next Friday
  * Decided on 5 of the 6 keynote speakers

Work Done:

Work in Progress/To Be Done:
  ACTION: Mathieu to report on last year's budget
  ACTION: Claus, Martin, and Mathieu to list all people who may need
  ACTION: Bart to start looking for sponsors among GNOME Foundation 
  ACTION: Claus and Martin to invite keynote speakers and get talk titles
  ACTION: Claus and Martin to merge existing proposals for tracks and
          talk schedules and send to guadec-list and board-list

Agenda Items Left For Next Meeting:
Posters, etc.
Announcing keynotes

Supporting Participants:
  * Mathieu will send email to everybody about last year's budget
  * Mathieu: Last year they paid for about 20 people
  * Mathieu: They reimbursed people afterwards for their plane tickets
  * Claus: 15 people have registered for support so far
  * Claus, Martin, and Mathieu will make a list of participants

  * Last year some companies just gave money while others wanted to
    get advertising in return
  * We won't publish exact contributions/terms for each company
  * Advertizing - Posters, flyers, programs, web page, booths
  * About 5000 euros left from last year which will be used this year

  * RMS, Miguel, Andy (usability), Heard (open office/Sun/GNOME),
    Havoc (GNOME 2.0/interoperability)

  * Hotel information is on web pages

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