Re: Some proposed gnome-2.0 discussion topics

Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com> writes: 
> I'd like to see discussions on
>     - gnome-print, pango, and font handling


>     - Some discussion on what will bind gnome office into a 'suite'

Maybe overlaps with interoperability track? Hopefully openoffice
people will be at the conference.

Also, maybe overlaps with a "future of the component system" session?

>     - a map for consolidating parts of GAL, and nautilus-lib, into gnome-lib
>       to avoid duplication

How about a session about the future of the general-purpose GUI
libraries (including GTK, libgnomeui, GUI bits of Nautilus-lib and
GAL)? Try to come up with a clear future roadmap on that.

Not sure how much non-GUI is in GAL/nautilus-lib, perhaps that would
merit a separate session or session-subpart.


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