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On 09 Jan 2001 23:23:43 -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Ariel Rios <ariel arcavia com> writes:
> > What is the status of GUADEC? It would be good to have information
> > about it. The webpage is almost helpless. Also, why the topic of
> > the talks has already been selected? What whas the criteria in selecting
> > them?
> > 
> Owen and I were talking and concluded that right now the talks are too
> much "how to use gdk-pixbuf" - this is a conference for GNOME hackers,
> so we all know how to use gdk-pixbuf. We need to have more discussions
> about stuff currently in development and about future direction -
> e.g. "printing in GNOME" where the future of printing is discussed, or
> "Bonobo 2.0" about where Bonobo is going, or "designing a GNOME
> documentation system," etc. The sessions should have a
> moderator/organizer that would maybe give a short presentation, or
> organize a few short presentations from different people, then there
> should be lots of time for discussion. Jim's proposed interoperability
> session would be excellent, we could invite some KDE hackers and
> really get in the same room and talk about some of the technical
> issues and get to know people personally.
> Anyhow, I'd like to see GUADEC used as a way to see/meet all the GNOME
> hackers and really talk about the future of GNOME and technical
> direction. Hopefully we can come out of the conference with a lot of
> new plans, and a good idea what we're going to do for GNOME 2.0.

I agree completely with this.
Perhaps a way to solve this problem in a painless way would be to choose
a set of topics for discussion (people can volunteer as moderator and it
will be easy to pick up one person)

A good way to achieve a good list of topics is to post on Gnotices a
call for topics.
Then, someone can organise those in related topics and give a name for
the corresponding session. Then, someone can look at the available
slots/rooms for the conf and assign them by picking from the list of
most important sessions. Then, we can easily pickup a moderator for each
session (the name of the person will be probably obvious from the name o
the session).

I can do this if no one from the GUADEC 2 team does it within a day or


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