Re: postings

Ariel Rios <ariel arcavia com> writes:
> What is the status of GUADEC? It would be good to have information
> about it. The webpage is almost helpless. Also, why the topic of
> the talks has already been selected? What whas the criteria in selecting
> them?

Owen and I were talking and concluded that right now the talks are too
much "how to use gdk-pixbuf" - this is a conference for GNOME hackers,
so we all know how to use gdk-pixbuf. We need to have more discussions
about stuff currently in development and about future direction -
e.g. "printing in GNOME" where the future of printing is discussed, or
"Bonobo 2.0" about where Bonobo is going, or "designing a GNOME
documentation system," etc. The sessions should have a
moderator/organizer that would maybe give a short presentation, or
organize a few short presentations from different people, then there
should be lots of time for discussion. Jim's proposed interoperability
session would be excellent, we could invite some KDE hackers and
really get in the same room and talk about some of the technical
issues and get to know people personally.

Anyhow, I'd like to see GUADEC used as a way to see/meet all the GNOME
hackers and really talk about the future of GNOME and technical
direction. Hopefully we can come out of the conference with a lot of
new plans, and a good idea what we're going to do for GNOME 2.0.


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