Helping the team at GUADEC II


My name is Christian Meyer and I'm living in Germany near Munich. Since July 2000 I'm member in the GNOME German translation team. There a quite a lot of packages which I'm currently translating. At the moment I don't have much time for *my* packages, because I'm working hard for university stuff.
I'd like to help the GUADEC team where it is needed. Kenneth told me that there are some things which haven't been done yet:

* webpage
* schedule page
* get some sponsors(in Germany)
* plannings in general

Please tell me where I can help you so that everything is ready until april.
Concerning plannings I talked with Kjartan Maraas some time ago. We want to have a i18n workgroup at GUADEC where the following points will be discussed:

* better communications between translators and coders
* the conversion to UTF-8 (new translation help programs are needed)
* discussion about the current status page
* ...

I'm going to talk with Kjartan about more topics. When I have some info which is worth to be discussed I'll email you again.

Christian Meyer

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