Character is converted to another character

My name is Hiroyuki Sekihara.
First, please forgibe me my poor English skill.

I started to use  gtranslator since a month ago in order to translate
gtranslator's manual from English to Japanese.
Gtranslator is very cool and I feel fine to use gtranslator for my
translating project.
But I encountered a problem with gtranslator's feature about translation

The problem is that character before it is registered in translation
memory and the registered character are different. 
PO file which I translated contains 2 type character.
These characters looks like same on screen but, in fact, these
characters are differed.
So I can't find string containing these character by legacy tool (like
grep) or gedit's search function because I can't input these character.

I like gtranslator.The feature of creating translation memory from PO
files is greate, and new function(remove entries from the memory
translatio) is very cool!

However, if this problem won't be solved, I can't continue to use
gtranslator, because I can't use translation memory entries.
Please fix this problem.


Hiroyuki Sekihara <hiroyuki sekihara gmail com>

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