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On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 2:12 PM, Baris Cicek <baris teamforce name tr> wrote:
Hi list;

I've been using gtranslator recently, and I'm really happy to see that
we'll have a good translation application soon which anyone can choose
to use instead of kbabel or poedit.

During this beta process, I run into some random problems, which are
understandable. But currently most of crashes and bugs I have ever seen
in gtranslator is related with profiles. Recently a bug after deleting
profiles.xml file made me lose profile data every now and than was last
straw. That's a major release blocker if you ask me.

That is because it rely on XML and I/O. However we can use gconf for
keeping profiles in, and that way it'd be more functional and it would
be more easier to debug problems.

Current APIs can stay since they are well formed (with some minor
glitches). But underlying, save/read/listen framework need a rewrite.

I wanted to ask if someone is already working on this, if not it's ok
for me to code a patch about that. I was trying to finish spell plug-in,
but now I terribly see this has higher priority.

I propose, keeping profiles in the 'profiles' gconf folder, and
store profile data in 'profile_N' sub folders, in which 'N' is
consecutive numbers.
This was considered some time ago and maybe should be reconsidered
as gnome-terminal do too. With this we could avoid lots of problems.

A global preference of 'active_profile' is needed to hold active profile

And while on it, I would like to add more APIs for plug-ins to be able
to hold their preferences in active plug-ins. But that's just an idea

So what do you think about it? Anything you want to add? Should I start
coding on that?
I would like, but Pablo is in charge of this, so ask him.



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