Re: FW: Support: Over-quota notice for project: gtranslator


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 09:42:30AM +0200, Fatih Demir wrote:
> could anyone of the new maintainers also take care of the
> quota problem? I think Pablo and Juan are the current maintainers, right?

Yes. I will take care of this.
> Then maybe I should add you as gtranslator admin users so you can also
> take care of the admin stuff - just done it :-)
> There are plenty of web site files on the webspace, it's time for a cleanup I guess.

I am trying to do that, but I don't have permissions to remove/move some of
the files and folders (e.g. backup/gtranslator_org_files.tar.gz), could you
change the owner or the permissions so that I can do a full cleanup of the
web site files?



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