Re: [Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator & modal dialog

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 18:44 +0200, Andre Lerche wrote:
> Hi,
> using gtranslator 1.0.2 I was facing an issue recently and thought that 
> it's a bug with my windowmanager xfwm4, but the xfwm4 side has 
> enlightened me that it's a gtranslator issue.
> Any chance to change this behaviour, cause it's really annoying that the 
> popup window is opened behind the root window ? These are all necessary 
> items from my original bug report:
> Summary: Issues with gtranslator
> Description: 	Using current CVS head, when I open gtranslator (version 
> 1.0.2) with an existing po-file, it opens a dialog window where I can 
> edit the header of the po file. This dialog window is opened behind the 
> root window and not in the foreground as it should.
> Solution from one of the core xfwm4 developers:
> The problem comes from gtranslator that maps a modal dialog before the 
> window for what it's modal. xfwm4 checks for such a case and ignores the 
> modality in that case.
> Another problem is that, since the dialog is mapped before the main 
> window, the transient field is updated afterwards. That was not 
> supported in xfwm4 because that could cause some trouble if a window 
> specifies another window that has already a transient relationship, like 
> e.g.:
> A transient for B transient for C transient for A


Thanks. This sounds like it could well be a bug in gtranslator.

It would be very helpful if you could file a bug report about it under
the 'gtranslator' category at to ensure it gets tracked



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