[Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator 0.39.1 out.

gtranslator's release 0.39.1 has been "delivered" to http://www.gtranslator.org and to our project pages at http://sourceforge.net (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=666 -- no, we don't really have got any contract with the devil .-)).

For the sole persons not knowing gtranslator already (hey, are you still now knowing the application with the most unneeded feature ideas from the author? Shame on you! ,-)):
gtranslator is a gettext po file editor for GNOME with many enhanced features (learn buffer (aka. Translation Memory), find/replace, UTF-8 handling, auto translation, translations removal, header edit dialogs, nice messages table, import/export capabilities and some other very neat things which try to help you in your everyday's po file translator life), a crazy GUI and somehow fine things to play with (e.g. colorschemes with which you can customize your syntax colors for the edit boxes).

I would say that gtranslator is an advanced po file editor (of course it does also handle compiled gettext, compressed gettext etc. files if the necessary programs are installed on the corresponding machine) which is worth being tried; pix? Of course you can have some on http://www.gtranslator.org (>Screenshots then).

Catched a bug? A real bug in gtranslator? Then go to http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=gtranslator and tell me, the other authors and the world about it.

You can get the new tarball from http://www.gtranslator.org/ or via http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=666 (after sf.net updates the filelist of course); if Mike has got time and is brave, we'd also have got RH RPMs quite soon. Debs should be also up quite soon, but as there were already CVS debs in the official deb archives, Debian users are already using a 0.39.1-pre version (or something quite similar).

Ah, what's new you'll ask, so here we go with the current changes/news snippet from the NEWS file:
NEWS from gtranslator R 0.39.1:

- Transition away from gnome-regex to use simpler, standard string functions.
- Spec file is now also included in the tarball -- mea maxima culpa, I didn't
   realise it should be in the tarball previously.
- Small bug fixes for some long-existing small crash reasons.
- Compile fixes for PPC, Alpha platforms (mostly unsignedness issues).
- pozilla.sh 5.1 arrived! Yes, it works again and is somehow more enhanced.
- Only save the learn buffer if it was changed at all -- saves a lot of time
   on normal action tours.
- More robust & secure learn buffer building (no encoding shuffles needed).
- Important messages table fixes for UTF-8, popup menu, navigation etc.
- Many new options to customize the learning/auto translation.
- Auto translation & learning options added to enable these actions on
   the cmdline.
- Auto learning of newly translated messages is suppressable now.
PS: Is this kind of announcement neat enough for the GNOME Announce List? I hope so ,-)
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