[Gtranslator-devel] GNOME 2.0 port status/please

After Guntupalli and Peeter, German (?) did also join the GNOME 2.0 porter's volunteering caravane into the deserts of gtranslator development .-)

We all (they, me and Gediminas too, I'm sure) are for making a stable GNOME 1.x branch like gnome-1-x and for making further releases for the old platform from there and to develop the GNOME 2.0 port from the HEAD branch.

/Me personally would like to do a coming 0.39.2 release from the current HEAD with all the patches, fixes, merges and changes by the different people going in and updated translations from the HEAD -- still with GNOME 1.x sources -- in the next time.

After this we could split the development into the 2 branches; any comments about that? I would like to do it this way but if anyone has got any objections, better ideas, pleas, so he/she's quite welcome now .-)

Concerning the GNOME 2.0 port, /me has got very less time for gtranslator development so I won't do much for it by the next time, Gediminas has also got to do enough with his Master, so I think, the 3 volunteering porters will do their way, ideas work with the comprehensive and big support by the old developers of gtranslator.

So, there are 3 people up now, is there anyone else interested in porting GNOME 2.0 to gtranslator .. hmm, or was it the other way 'round ,-) Well, the main point is to get the people together and to define the main route -- I just did show you my main route plan for the port above..

The contents of the real port is for sure very different/hard, but we can do that alltogether! So, it would be now nice if anyone who is interested in the port would show his/her main point of porting, his/her main porting area, ideas, wishes in the mailing list so that we could get a good conglomerat of porting steps...

After this brainstorming, we can go over to the point of coordination, I will take care of this for sure (though sometimes you might get another feeling, but this feeling is then wrong for sure .-)).

PS: If you really read everything that far, you're a brave man/woman! Thanks .-)
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