Re: [Gtranslator-devel] proposed changes

Fatih Demir wrote:

On Sun, 2001-12-16 at 17:06, Gediminas Paulauskas wrote:
/Here is the list what I wanted to change:///
/Remove View menu and views sidebar.///

Hmm, well this is one of the points where I admit it: yes, it's really ok to remove it if noone says anything against it.. But I don't think many people loved this feature .-(


/Remove "Remove all translations" functionality.///

Na, this is a good thing to have, why should you remove it? There's an option to turn something like that on, so this doesn't disturb the beginner and is there if you want to have it.

But what you get is the same as .pot file. I just didn't understand how it could be useful. You take no.po, remove all translations, translate into German and save as de.po?

/Don't check if "file is already opened in another instance of gtranslator"///

This is really a diversification question now: kabalak says yes, it's good, menesis says no, so what do the others say..?

Do nothing and wait what others say.

/Remove the following options:///
/	* Don't save unchanged files///

I'll do it so: Never save unchanged files.

/	* Warn me if I'm trying to save an unchanged file///

I'll remove the check and warning.

Ok, these are nonsense but..

/	* Enable the functionality to update/remove.... (nonsense)///

.. the second one isn't nonsense! It's connected to an idea of user level or something alike that... If you're smart enough to want this feature, then you do also get the entry in the menus...

OK, let's leave them. Functionality is good, I just don't feel there is a need for an option to enable/disable it.

The only thing which would be Ok herein, is to have a user level option which would activate/deactivate a set of enhancement functions/menu entries etc.

/	* Load all backends on startup (they should be loaded only when/// /a sgml or other file is opened///

Nice to say but hard to realize for me.. I wanted it to be so, but it didn't work, so we're currently sticking with the all or nothing method... Though backends aren't that useful currently to be honest...

Yes, it is hard to do. Until backends work nice let's leave the option.

/Merge the following options:///
/	* "Use special dictionary" and "Dictionary to use"///
/	* "Save po files automatically..." and "Autosave timeout..."///
/	* "Append a special suffix..." and "Autosave suffix"///

Ok, but in which way would you like to do it then? If nothing entered you don't append anything?! Ok, but what if I want to specify an suffix without the autosave feature being on?

Well, that happens often to me, and I do want most of the prefs to be independently changable from another option or another state.

Nothing gets lost. I wanted to merge current two lines

[X] Use special dictionary
Dictionary to use: [               ]

into one line:

[X] Use special dictionary: [             ]

When option is unchecked, text entry is disabled, but still shows the dictionary. Does this sound good?

/Remove the following items from toolbar:///
/	* Save as, Update, Preferences, Exit, (Find, Replace,) Query///

Preferences, Exit & Query: ok, but the rest is really nonsense. Why shouldn't find, replace be in the toolbar?

I've put them in parentheses because I was not sure. Office apps don't have Save as tollbar item, just a menu entry.

At least we agree to remove Preferences & Exit.

Query is not convenient in it's current form, but that would be a big feature enhancement, not just UI improvement what I am talking about.

/Drop most of GtrPreferences and preferences.h stuff in favor of plain GConf/// /with notification.///

Na, I don't want to be sticked with GConf, maybe the gtranslator_config stuff will get somehow changing? He, any chance for this? Maybe bonobo-conf directly or anything another will get the default for gtranslator_config, what then?

No app uses bonobo-conf currently, all move to gconf. gconf really gives flexibility. Think about the case when you have two instances of gtranslator open and change some optin in one of them. With current setup you need to exit and restart another instance, with proper use of GConf notifications your option will change in all instances at once.

Change all the prefs stuff just because you gave up your level of abstraction over Gconf/XYZ? No, I don't like this argument...

There's no need of abstraction. OTOH, currently preferences work, so they may be left as is.

I have not done anything with gconf, so I guess I'll play with same-gnome or mahjongg preferences before doing anything with gtranslator.

I do still miss your comments about colorschemes indeed ,-)

I don't have opinion what would be better. I don't like it very much either.

Thanks for your answers, that's what I wanted to hear from you.


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