(In)compatibility of gtkmm with cairomm, pangomm and atkmm

A reply to https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtkmm/-/issues/97 and https://discourse.gnome.org/t/in-compatibility-of-gtkmm-with-cairomm-pangomm-and-atkmm/6370?u=raghavgururajanand

The gtkmm developers have not (yet) started using discourse.gnome.org. We still use the mailing list at https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtkmm-list.

The mailing list post https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtkmm-list/2020-December/msg00013.html
tries to explain the complicated relationships between the two sets of module versions.

> [1] Why is gtkmm-3.24.4 incompatible with cairomm-1.16.0, pangomm-2.48.0 and atkmm-2.36.0, as all of these are latest stable releases?

There are two sets of ABI-incompatible versions of glibmm, cairomm, pangomm and atkmm. It was decided long ago that the new versions should not have their major version numbers bumped up, because the underlying C modules (glib, cairo, pango and atk) have not released ABI-incompatible versions, and thus have not bumped their major versions. I'm not sure this was the best possible decision, but now we have to live it.

The last versions that will be compatible with gtkmm-3.y.z are glibmm-2.66.z, cairomm-1.14.z, pangomm-2.46.z and atkmm-2.34.z. (There is no atkmm-2.34.z yet. Perhaps there will never be. The maintenance of atkmm is really minimal.)

> [2] Will there be new release of gtkmm in 3.24 series, that will be compatible with cairomm-1.16.0, pangomm-2.48.0 and atkmm-2.36.0?

No, there will never be a gtkmm-3.y.z version compatible with libsigc++-3.y.z, glibmm-2.68.z, cairomm-1.16.z, pangomm-2.48.z and atkmm-2.36.z. They are compatible with gtkmm-4.y.z.

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