Set or remember window position in gtkmm4 ?

Hello from what I gather this functionality has been removed from gtk4, and thus gtkmm4.
Is it really the case? I might add. Having a window appear at 0,0 is very annoying. gtk4-demo does it too, or any of the example code, Ii would in my opinion unacceptable to roll out applications with such behaviour. I know it is not  fault of gtkmm :)

An OT ramble:

I had a day or so  migrating to gtkmm4 encountering many undocumented features along the way, namespace changes right left and centre, no mention of it on the gtkmm pages. Nothing too difficult to overcome though.

My experience overall:

I don't  want to move to gtkmm4 just yet, amongst other uncertainties I experienced. Replacing my mouse button events with Gtk::Gestures in  a drawing area started behaving oddly at times, the mouse cursor not changing when I requested it to change on a motion notify event. etc. (I noticed some similar oddities in the gtk4-demo too) 

The tutorial only covers keyboard events briefly, nothing else in that area. 
All that said. I believe all is now working in gtkmm4 what I had in gtkmm3. Do I feel confident about some the changes and the robustness of some features in gtk4 NO :D

Note I build gtkmm from the tarballs as mentioned by  Kjell Ahlstedt the gtk devel package depends on was already available on Fedora.

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