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Regarding missing header file, I have checked as suggested and I do have the
include directory.  I have re-configured compiler and now everything works.
Thank you for your speedy help. 

Michael Lear
On Thursday, 4 February 2021, 14:15:46 GMT, Kjell Ahlstedt <kjellahlstedt gmail com> wrote:

This looks related to atkmm issue

With atkmm release 2.28.1 yet another include directory must be added to the list of directories where the compiler searches for include files. Something has not been updated, either in Fedora or in your own build system. Check with pkg-config:

pkg-config --cflags atkmm-1.6

There shall be two include directories for atkmm-1.6, one of them ending in atkmm-1.6/include. If there is, you need to reconfigure your build system to have compile commands updated with the new include directory.

If pkg-config does not list an atkmm-1.6/include directory, atkmm has not been properly updated in Fedora.

Den 2021-02-04 kl. 14:40, skrev mike lear via gtkmm-list:
Hello gtkmm list:
I am using gtkmm-3.0 on a fedora 33 x86_64 laptop. I wish to report a file
missing in the /usr/include/atkmm-1.6 sub directory.

My earlier version which is gmmproc 2.56.0 works fine.
But my latest download version gmmproc 2.64.3 fails as it call for
the file atkmmconfig.h to be included.  This files appears to be
missing from the build.

Previous build:  This version  atkmm-1.6 WORKS
This is the first few lines from the header file relation.h
// Generated by gmmproc 2.56.0 -- DO NOT MODIFY!
#include <glibmm/ustring.h>
#include <sigc++/sigc++.h>

Current build: Version atkmm-1.6 Fails with missing file atkmmconfig.h
This is the first few lines from the header file relation.h
Generated by gmmproc 2.64.3 -- DO NOT MODIFY!
#include <atkmmconfig.h>
The missing file atkmmconfig.h is included in the following files in the atkmm
action.h component.h document.h init.h range.h relation.h selection.h
stateset.h streamablecontent.h table.h wrap_init.h

I am not sure if this is specific to fedora or an actual bug.

Michael Lear

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