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On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 06:49:49PM +0200, Kjell Ahlstedt via gtkmm-list wrote:
If Arch Linux does not contain a gtkmm4 package, it's more difficult for you
to test it. You will have to build some packages yourself, either from
tarballs or from the git repositories. Building from tarballs is easier than
building from the git repos.

It may be even simpler to use the AUR[1], especially with a AUR
helper[2] that will guide you through the dependencies.

gtkmm4 is available in there[3], so with your helper of choice you may
run a command as simple as:
% yay -S gtkmm4

Then it will ask you to review the recipes and will invoke makepkg and
pacman for you, so that you get proper packages in the end.

Should you wait until an gtkmm4 package is available in Arch Linux? I don't
know. You can probably ask on some Arch Linux mailing list when that may
happen. I once asked when it can be expected on Ubuntu Linux. The answer I
got was that, with very few exceptions, a subroutine library is included in
Ubuntu only if it is used by an application that's included in Ubuntu. I
don't know if Arch Linux has the same policy.

The policy is mostly when a maintainer wants to maintain a given
package, for instance gtk4 was already present before any program
depended on it.  You can express your interest for a given package by
voting for it in the AUR, that requires an account there.

And it will definitely have more weight once you do publish a software
based on gtkmm4. :)

I hope this was helpful to you, Gabriela, if not you should get in touch
with ArchLinux communities.


Emmanuel Gil Peyrot

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