Re: Help proposal for libgdamm


Just would like to follow up on our previous conversation. The libgda
master CI was broken and finally got fixed recently. All test and
compilation should be ok. I tried to compile libgdamm and do see some
issues due to last-two-years activity in libgda. It may be a good idea
to setup a CI for libgdamm. I will try to play with that. Let me know
if you have a specific plan to move forward. 


On Thu, 2020-01-23 at 16:20 +0100, murrayc murrayc com wrote:
Your help would be much appreciated. Actually, I had difficulty even
building libgda.

On 23 Jan 2020 15:25, Pavlo Solntsev via gtkmm-list <
gtkmm-list gnome org> wrote:

I saw some recent activities in libgdamm repo. However, I checked
it looks like the library can't be compiled because of changes in
libgda code. Would it be be possible to open issues for work that
to be done? I can help with porting some code. For now, I am
documentation for lilbgda and found that some API introduced in the
version (6.0) can be obsolete. Technically, this is not obsolete,
we didn't have a stable version yet. For instance, a lot of DDL
operations were moved to the new GdaDB... module and having
API is not the best approach. Anyway, I would like to coordinate
on libgdamm if possible. Thanks.

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