Re: gtkmm-list Digest, Vol 195, Issue 6


Thank you for your answers!

I didn't know thanks for the tip!

@Kjell Ahlstedt / @Ian Martin
In fact what I want isn't really an infinite canvas but rather a canvas that I can scroll and extend so your solution seems nice. (increase the adjustments when the user reaches the borders)

However I the example I sent you, I can't figure out how to scroll in the window. More precisely, which Gtk::Adjustement is responsible for doing that, is it in the ScrolledWindow or the Layout? I declared some adjustments when creating the scrolled window object but it doesn't affect the scrollbars.

I don't understand how to properly instantiate those classes so that I can scroll in the window and for example, the button moves.
Can someone provide me a comprehensive example with Gtk::ScrolledWindow and Gtk::Layout?

Thanks again


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