Re: Trying (and installing) gtk4mm (3.97) ...?

On 2020-04-20 15:54, Martin Brodbeck via gtkmm-list wrote:

(I hope this is the right place to ask...)

I'm on Arch Linux and just wanted to get acquainted to (early) gtkmm4. Unfortunately, there are no pre-release packages (like 3.97.1) in AUR yet. I might be able to build them, but some of the dependencies mentionend by [1] seem not to be released yet (pangomm-2.44, cairomm-1.16, atkmm-2.30). Perhaps it would be necessary to build them from git master, but I think I read something about ABI incompatibility, which would make it even more complicated.

So, is it just too early to give gtkmm4 a try? If not, I would be glad to have something like a guide about how to get started. 

(btw, a gtkmm matrix room would be great. The closest thing I found is a #c++ irc channel on GIMPnet. Maybe I missed something?)

Thanks a lot


Building gtkmm4 from released packages is almost impossible, and certainly not recommended. If you want to give it a try, build from git. I recommend that you use jhbuild. And be prepared for compilation errors when you come to gtkmm4. Gtk4 is constantly changing. Only rarely is gtkmm4 totally compatible with gtk4. See also (The lists of latest released versions there are not quite up to date.)

Is it too early to give gtkmm4 a try? Probably, unless you can accept more build problems than usual. You can have a look at the example programs in the gtkmm-documentation module in git's master branch. They can give some hints as to the differences between gtkmm3 and gtkmm4.


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