Re: Setting custom Glib::Property values in Gtk::Builder .ui XML

On Mon, 10 Jun 2019 at 15:52, Kjell Ahlstedt <kjellahlstedt gmail com> wrote:
On 6/10/19 10:25 AM, Daniel Boles via gtkmm-list wrote:
 Do you think it would be possible, or worth thinking about, to add ways to do this
It's probably possible, but I don't know how difficult it will be. I don't volunteer, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Of course! Nor do I, yet... but we'll see how this goes :-)
If such properties can be added, could they still be used with Glib::PropertyProxy, or does it require its target property to have been fully created by Glib::Property?
_WRAP_PROPERTY("visible", bool) in Gtk::Widget generates the code

Glib::PropertyProxy<bool> Widget::property_visible()
{  return Glib::PropertyProxy<bool>(this, "visible"); }

Glib::PropertyProxy_ReadOnly< bool > Widget::property_visible() const
{  return Glib::PropertyProxy_ReadOnly<bool>(this, "visible"); }

If custom properties are registered like glib/gtk+ register properties, I see no reason why similar code should not work for the custom properties.

Yeah, that was my hope. Since all the Proxy cares about is the instance (C++, from which it can get the C gob() ) and property name, hopefully it doesn't care and will work just as well here.

Thanks for the ideas so far. I'll see how this goes. If anyone else has any thoughts, I'd be interested of course.


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