Why is glibmm said to require builddir == sourcedir builds?

From jhbuild/modulesets/gnome-suites-core-deps-latest.modules:

  <autotools id="glibmm-2.4" supports-non-srcdir-builds="no">
  <autotools id="glibmm" supports-non-srcdir-builds="no">

I've used jhbuild to build glibmm without the supports-non-srcdir-builds="no" parameter. I can't see nay problem. Everything seems to work normally in a builddir != sourcedir build: make, make install, make check, make distcheck.

Emmanuele, you added supports-non-srcdir-builds="no" to gnome-suites-core-deps-3.22.modules with commit
Do you remember why you did that?

I'm tempted to remove supports-non-srcdir-builds="no" from the glibmm and glibmm-2.4 entries in gnome-suites-core-deps-latest.modules.


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