Re: Overloading mouse events in a ProgressBar

yup, that sounds about right. only in GTK 4 will that change and all widgets be able to receive all events.

...although also there, it is encouraged more to use gestures and whatnot, and the events that remain have proper API instead of poking around directly in event structures.

On Wed, 7 Aug 2019, 05:09 Rob Pearce, <rob flitspace org uk> wrote:
On 06/08/2019 14:50, Phil Wolff via gtkmm-list wrote:
> I'm deriving from Gtk::ProgressBar in order to track mouse events
> within the widget. The only callback that executes is on_map(). Can
> anyone tell me what vital (and likely obvious) operation I've failed
> to include?
I don't know if this still applies on GTK3 but on earlier versions ISTR
that display widgets (like progress bar) usually aren't sensitive to
mouse events because they have no reason to be. On X11 that also means
they don't have the necessary X type. You have to wrap them in an event
box and hook up to that instead.



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