Re: Socket connection (Client side)

The thing is, there is a proxy server involved. I don't think it is sufficient in this case. I tried connect_to_uri and it worked. However i get a bus error when i close my user interface (Bus error happens only when i close the app after connecting).
someone got an idea how to fix this ?

Le lun. 29 avr. 2019 à 15:40, Phil Wolff via gtkmm-list <gtkmm-list gnome org> a écrit :
Assuming that

     1) there's a running server on the specified node;

     2) if you specify the node by name, the client's /etc/hosts
contains a mapping of the name to the correct IP address;

     3) the server is listening on the specified port;

then yes, that is sufficient to establish a connection.

On 4/29/19 7:20 AM, Mohamed Khalil BOUJDARIA via gtkmm-list wrote:
> Hello list,
> Is the connect_to_host in Gio::SocketClient helper function enough to
> establish a TCP/IP connection ?
> It worked only on localhost server. But when i tried to connect to
> another computer on the same network it gets stuck.
> Thanks.
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