Re: how to connect Gio::SimpleAction signal

If your menu is not a window menu or application menu, the prefix can something else, not necessarily win or app. Comparing your code with I see that you have not called Gtk::Widget::insert_action_group(). An example:

insert_action_group("myactiongroup", act_group);

Then the call to giomenu->append() should be

giomenu->append("THIRD", "myactiongroup.THIRD");

Den 2018-01-02 kl. 18:45, skrev Daniel Boles:
> if I append a menu item with label and action the menu item is disabled.

I think that indicates the action you tried to set on the menuitem was not found, so it gets desensitised (normally it'd be sensitised according to whether the action is enabled, but obviously...)

I don't know what "act_group" is, but when I see this problem, it's usually because of not prepending app. or win. to the action name. In some contexts, like this, you need to use the detailed action name, i.e. the prefix of the map (app or win) followed by a period and then the simple action name.

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