Re: Building Gktmm 3.91 from source using gcc 7

Den 2018-02-23 kl. 22:13, skrev Janakiraman Kannan:

I want to use C++17 and it seems modern C++ is supported after Gtkmm 3.81 as a parallel build to already existing Gtk3. I cannot find any ubuntu prebuilt packages for Gtkmm3.81.

  • Does the Gtkmm3.9 repository contains all the dependencies within its repository or has to be built and installed in advance?
  • Can that be used with C++17 (I use gcc7.2 compiler)? I cannot compile any programs with old Gtkmm3.0 with C++17 as there are some removed functions in the header.

I intend to use the library with C++17. More interested in the building the library ourselves.Any build instructions would be very helpful too. Thank you for taking time to read the mail.



The source code of gtkmm does not contain the modules that it depends on. These must be built and installed before gtkmm can be built. I would guess that you get the error messages during configuration because you have not installed mm-common. Gtkmm depends on many modules: mm-common, libsigc++, glib, glibmm, atk, atkmm, cairo, cairomm, pango, pangomm, gtk+ (I don't guarantee that the list is complete.).

I don't know if anyone has tried to build gtkmm 3.9 with C++17. It ought to work. If it does not, we would be glad to know, so we can fix it.


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