Re: dynamic menus

On Sonntag, 26. November 2017 15:41:45 CET marty moore wrote:
Hi all,

Hi, looking at your time stamp, a very late delivery of your email it seems. 
;-) I guess your email was on the moderator's queue for some reason.

I'm trying to port my gtkmm-2 CAD program to gtkmm-3.
I'm trying to create a dynamic menu which a user can add new views to.
I've seen, run, and adapted the xml based menus in the tutorial, but they
are static. I've been trying to research Gio::MenuModel, but there isn't
any documentation.

That's correct, and in fact this is from my perspective a big issue for 
gtk(mm) 4, which I already criticised. I also provided a patch for gtk(3/4) to 
address this:

However as you can see the patch was declined for a non profound reason from 
my perspective. Actually since with gtk(mm) 4 it will apparently no longer be 
possible to manipulate the menu at runtime, which caused me to decide to stop 
gtk(mm) support with version 3.22.x.

So far, our code base compiles from Gtk 2 up to including (git master head) 
Gtk 4, but due to fundamental functionalities being removed from Gtk 4 
(without any replacement that is), our apps would not work correctly with Gtk 
4 anymore, and hence we will probably completely drop our experimental Gtk 4 
code in future again, unless the responsible Gtk maintainers would accept 
patches to address those fundamental issues, which I currently don't expect to 

Does anyone have an example of a dynamic menu in gtkmm-3? The method I used
in gtkmm-2 has been eliminated/deprecated.

If you are using Gtk(mm) 3 then the solution is not using the Gio::MenuModel 
API but still using the old Gtk::UIManager API. The latter API is deprecated 
but is still available with Gtk 3 and there is really no replacement for its 


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