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Tech Briefing

Increasing Traffic or Enquiries from Google status.

Pay per click adwords or organic??

Food for thought or action needed?

  • On the first page of Google the first ten organic (non paid for) results take over 70% of clicks but hey, no-one can promise you a front page listing. We often receive enquiries for search engine optimisation (SEO) from people who say 'We've been promised a no 1 on Google by.............., can you match their promise?' In a word, NO because it can't be realised. Such marketing practises by so called SEO specialists are unethical and unachievable - Our advice is to avoid anyone making such claims
  • Google has completely eliminated the sidebar Ads, making the coveted top 3 Ads highly competitive, and you guessed it: More expensive per click
  • For every one click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks so organic listings are vital!!
  • The need is to achieve prominent unpaid listings on Google for as many search terms as possible. If you are not on page 1 for a given term, consider others which are desirable.

    Find out which search terms are most popular or important for your business, then seek professional help! It can make a massive difference to a business. The difference between gaining or losing sales or enquiries

    Oh, and forget keywords in your website code - Goog le no longer uses them
  • So, having decided which terms are most important, consider variants which may be less competitive or popular but still generate traffic. Your competitors may not be found for those terms. Recently, we had a Client who wanted to be top in a city for certain search terms; the competition was substantial. On checking, we found competitors were not ranking well for surrounding geographic areas. So we secured first page rankings in those areas where there was still a substantial market
  • Just paying Google for results is a waste of money. Your listings in the organic (unpaid) areas will take far more clicks but combining this with a campaign in sponsored rankings may be worth consideration especially if you are seeking rapid or sustained brand awareness
  • Remember too, obsolete or poorly designed websites are downgraded by Google so ensure your website is up to date. A redesign is worth consideration to get noticed

How to improve your rankings?

There are steps you can take to check out who may be worth talking to? Follow certain key checks because good SEO is a skilled process

What steps to take?

Do not rely on mere designers. Most website designers are not skilled in SEO although may claim to be.

Seek help from specialists who are not afraid of showcasing real results to prove their effectiveness. Curiously, most so called SEO specialists shy away from this

  • Consider whether your business would benefit from more sales/enquiries - If the answer is yes, then maybe we can help.
  • Ask whoever may propose SEO work, what steps they will take with your website - If anyone says they continuously submit to search engines, avoid them. That is no answer and keywords in your website code are irrelevant
  • The solution will lie in your website quality and critically, the content and that is where skilled input is needed
  • Do NOT be bounced into a new website where it is unnecessary. Changes may be possible for your existing website without the expense of a new design which could dramatically improve your search engine rankings




We deliver real results from a process pioneered inhouse - We have a proven track record

'The results were incredible - Forte Trinity got us to the top...'


Our team know a thing or two - We've been creating outstanding websites for over 20 years!!

'We can't recommend them highly enough... After the initial input by Forte Trinity, we climbed the rankings and achieved top listings resulting in more enquiries''

E. Griffiths - Director
Wirral Site Services Ltd


Well we have been achieving top results for business for over 20 years

Call us now on 01942 684040 or click here

Get it right for Google - get it right for you...

Does your business deserve better??

We update websites with cutting edge designs and deliver search engine success

We advise business Nationwide and can quote to resolve the issues UK wide.

We will visit without cost in the North West throughout Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, the Wirral, Deeside, and North Wales - We will consider visits to other areas

Why not get in touch......You may have nothing to lose - except more enquiries/sales!!

Do call, we may just make all the difference...

Sally Carney
Technical Advisor
sally fortetrinity co uk
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