Re: Re: Building gtkmm in Visual Studio

On 4 October 2017 at 14:22, Mateusz Adamczyk <1mateusz adamczyk gmail com> wrote:
By FTP I mean: (version 2.52 and 2.54). As for git, I had in mind obtaining zip file from

Yes, and I meant, which zip? If it was a master one, then it will require corresponding unstable versions of all related dependencies. You won't be able to mix and match e.g. master glibmm and stable sigc++.

Now I see, that there are some files with .hg extension in git sources. Should I do something before opening solution file in Visual Studio?

Well, before the library can be built and installed, the *.*g files need to be processed with gmmproc in order to generate actual C++ files.

If you're creating a VS project to build any mm library, that is pretty much the first step it needs to run.

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