Re: Gtk::CellRendererPixbuf: unable to set property 'surface'

Den 2017-10-04 kl. 00:13, skrev Alexander Shaduri:

I'm trying to set a "surface" property on Gtk::CellRendererPixbuf
and getting a gtk error:

"unable to set property 'surface' of type 'CairoSurface' from value of type

The following comment comes from gtkmm/gdk/src/drawingcontext.hg:
  // A wrapped property_clip() would require a template specialization
  // Glib::Value<Cairo::RefPtr<T>>.
  //_WRAP_PROPERTY("clip", ::Cairo::RefPtr< ::Cairo::Region>)

Compare with
  _WRAP_PROPERTY("surface", ::Cairo::RefPtr< ::Cairo::Surface>)
from gtkmm/gtk/src/cellrendererpixbuf.hg.
Not much chance that CellRendererPixbuf::property_surface() will work. You can file a bug report in Bugzilla.


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