Re: Background Threading Option

On Tue, 3 Oct 2017 15:58:37 +0530
Deepak Chiradoni <deepakachiradoni gmail com> wrote:

Is there a Background threading option in GTKMM as in VB script. As I
am doing CAN communication using GUI (GTKMM 3.0). The GUI has to
receive and send packets continuously in the interval of 20
milliseconds. While receiving packets the task I defined for widgets
has to update in parallel. The thread has to work according to the
following Link as in VB.

You can just start your worker thread using std::async, std::thread or
Glib::Threads::Thread, and on completion the worker thread can post its
continuation to the glib main loop using
Glib::SignalIdle::connect_once(): see

For something more formalized you could use
TaskManager::make_task_packaged_compose() from c++-gtk-utils:


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