Re: Gtk::Builder and item id

On Dienstag, 7. November 2017 14:59:05 CET Daniel Boles wrote:
Mja, if I knew that before ... I actually downloaded and compiled the
gtkmm chain of libraries from the latest promoted "stable" Gnome release
branch last week and ported our entire application code base to those
designed APIs. :-/

Well, 3 is the stable branch. I'm not sure GTK+ 4 was ever really on-topic

Ok, I will revert my libraries back to an older version.

Just to get this really right this time; is the following set of library
versions considered to be the latest stable branch of gtk(mm) ?

It sais i.e. gtk+ 3.22.3 and gtkmm 3.22.0.

I hope I can safe at least some work by only replacing gtk+ and
gtkmm, while retaining all other lib versions.


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